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Hello Everyone

It's time for a long overdue update.  First let me tell you what i've been up to.  As previously discussed over a year ago I ran out of money.  I should have done things differently, and I shouldn't have mixed the money between our 2 companies and projects.  Long story short, the money I was hoping to get back from the company that owed us -  is lost, they refuse to pay.

I have a business that makes turntables - and I slowly sell them each month.  My plan in 2017 was to sell the car - move out of rented accommodation - and cut all our overheads - with the idea of saving the money needed to finish off jackfish.   This is what we did - i sold my beloved car - moved in with friends and started to save (thank you everyone who looked after us - last year and now).  

Moving out to save money made sense - we needed to move as the death threats got out of hand.  I do fear for my family's safety, and if more than a few people are making threats you need to do something about it - and my solution was to run away and hide.  Please understand, i was not running away from the project - just away from the threats, and yes - like people are saying in the comments - we were scared.

So, where are we now.  Selling the car and no home did start to save money - but it was not a great year for turntables - and if I tried to save at this rate - I wouldn't deliver until 2020.  So I started to try and sell the Jackfish business, in the view to sell it for the amount needed to ship all the units.  I've been trying to sell it for over 14 months, unfortunately due to my lateness in delivering and all the negative comments - the company was toxic and I couldn't give it away.

Don't worry - there is good news! 6 months ago i changed tactics are approached companies to license my future designs based on the Jackfish.   Luckily I found a company that liked what i was doing.  They have agreed to finance me to finish off the project and give me the funds and support to get it shipped.  The contracts are signed and we receive the missing funds in a few days. They are not buying the jackfish business and they have nothing to do with these orders, they are simply licensing the design and future designs from me.  I will keep the Jackfish brand and the website live to support you guys after we ship.  

We can not offer refunds - we do not have the funds to refund anyone - we only have just enough money to get it all finished and sent.  I'm sure a lot of you don't want the product anymore due to all the grief and time - but shipping the product is all I can do.

Where we are at, and what we are missing:

We bought a CNC machine with the funds - it does an ok job cutting aluminium and a very average job cutting titanium.  The vibratory tumbler machine again does an ok job on the finishing.  Basically, none of it is up to the job.  It would have been a complete mess if we cut the material with this equipment - and the shipped product would look nothing like the prototype photos. We have all the material - but we still need to do ALL the milling.  We are missing the knife.  The screwdriver bits rusted so they need replacing.  The glass vile still needs its rubber bung molded.  I've been talking to shipping companies over the last 2 weeks and no one will ship with the matches - they have to go. To clarify - we are shipping the Jackfish complete - with no matches - and 1 colour of paracord - which is black.

Next step - we are using the company who made our prototypes to mill everything for us - they have done us a great deal - and reduced their minimum order quantities - so they will cut exactly how many we've sold.   The missing parts will be purchased - still no solution on the knife, but i have not spoken to the company again. I only want to call when i have 100% of the funds so i have some negotiating power to try and do business with them again.

Sorry to everyone who was not sending us abusive threats.  We should have still kept up with the communication.  To everyone who is threatening us - we get it - we understand you are angry - we would be to -  if we paid money and got nothing in return. We hope you can tone it down quite a lot once you receive your product.

We have a solution now - I feel a lot happier opening up communication -  now i know it's all moving again. Before it was quite hopeless no matter what I tried.  We will be in touch soon when we start cutting.  Thank you.