Jackfish Update - Pre order shipments

Posted by james perowne on April 17, 2016 . 0 Comments

Firstly we must apologise in the delay in shipping out your Jackfish.   We are working as fast as we can, and as soon as we have shipped out the original orders from Kickstarter we will be sending off your packages.  

We have had to make some changes in the design.   Unfortunately, when we starter the production run - the cards were jamming in the guides.  After a few more prototypes we solved the problem.

The problem was the curved slot seen on the left.... by adding the curve to the guide as seen on the right and straightening the slot - it solved all the problems.   You may be wondering why we found this problem so late.... the main reason is the production version was made to a higher standard and the precision made it jam.  The prototype seen in the kickstarter images had some slop that made it work.  Its fixed now and we started production. 

The layout has changed 

While we worked on the card jam problem - we had some time to tinker with the layout. Many people had complained there was only 1 match - so we managed to move parts around to get 2 matches in.  Please note - the Jackfish will not ship with the brass compass - it will ship with the black plastic one on the left.... however, the hole has been increased very slightly to take the FB 1605 NATO Survival Compass.

The next change people were asking for was a larger hole to take the screwdriver bits. You can see here it is much longer and grips the screwdriver bits more securely. 

The next issue we had to address was the aluminium whistle.  Some Kickstarter orders are shipping with a Titanium whistle (this was part of their early bird deal). However all other Kickstarter orders and your pre orders will be shipping with an aluminium whistle.  We had some trouble making the aluminium whistle look as good as the titanium....all our initial runs were looking cheap, and we know you would not be satisfied.  It has now been solved and as you can see from the photo - both look great.   The Titanium is on the left and the aluminium is on the right.   We may have some titanium whistles left over - and we could add these to our shop.

All these changes have delayed the ship date - the machines are turning and are nearly complete.  All the components and tools have arrived - except for the glass vile.. This should be with us this week.  If you are not happy with any of the design changes or the delay - please contact us and we can refund you 

Thank you