Pre-Order Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder Aluminium

PRE ORDER - Jackfish is an indestructible super slim card holder containing essential everyday tools. Delivery - April 12th 2016


UPDATE 2018 - read our blog post here


Jackfish was successfully funded on Kickstarter on the 5th Jan 2016.   We were open to pre orders over the last few months, but now they are closed and we are busy putting together everyone's package.  You will be able to buy a Jackfish when it hits the shops in 3 to 4 months.  But for now - there is no way to purchase a Jackfish.  We will update you with dates and retailers when the current orders have been shipped out.  Kickstarter orders will go out first - then the batch of pre orders. Thank you.  

What is Jackfish ?
Jackfish is an indestructible super slim card holder containing essential everyday tools. 

Jackfish is available in Aluminium (black) and Titanium (grey)
 What can i do with it ? 
At just 8.5mm thick, Jackfish can carry 4 of your credit cards. It is full of handy equipment that can help you throughout your working day, or it might just save your life if you get into trouble. From taking notes with the pen, tightening a screw on your glasses to lighting a fire in the wet and purifying water - Jackfish has you covered.

Our unique spring loaded mechanism holds the cards securely

The shape of the jackfish body and tags allow the cards to slot in with ease
Who’s it for ? 
Jackfish is designed for people that work, travel and explore. It is built for people who appreciate great design and quality. It is for those who see the need for handy tools but don't want to bulk up their pockets or bag which is already full.
 As featured in :

On the back there are finger holes to easily poke out each tool
How did we ensure a quality product?
We have been carrying jackfish prototypes for over a year, sliding it in and out of pockets, paying for things with our cards, travelling around the world, backpacking in the forest. We didn't want to design something that worked for a couple of years and then broke. It was important it did its job extremely well, felt right in the hand, was truly useful and lasted a lifetime.

Titanium spring guides are CNC’d from a solid block of titanium
We spent months designing the mechanism to insert and hold the cards. We went for the more costly option of carving the entire part from a solid block of titanium. The slight curve to the card guides allows the cards to slip in and out effortlessly, and as its one piece there is nothing to break or come loose. At Jackfish we like to over engineer things, and then make it as simple as possible. We test and test until it is perfect.

Scratch Test
We are not a fan of anodised aluminium that scratches after rubbing against a few coins. Anodising is great for its finish and choice of colours - but it was not suitable for the Jackfish. We turned to a process called hard anodising, it is extremely hard wearing.

At Jackfish quality and finish is very important to us. We want the experience to start from the moment you open your package. Included: paracord, titanium lanyard, 3 spare matches and 3 pen refills

Our journey with survival started 25 years ago when we received our first survival tin. It was fitting to incorporate the tin into the packaging. The tin can be useful and protect during shipping
At Jackfish survival we love to explore. One day we could be designing in the city, and the next, light weight backpacking in the forest. Since our childhood we have never left home without a tool or two to help us fix our bike, our car, build ikea furniture or to help us out of anything life throws at us.

WARNING - Iodine does not kill everything in contaminated water - Boil is best
At Jackfish, our philosophy on building a pocket survival kit is you need to be using 50% of the products on a daily or weekly basis. The other 50% hopefully you will never need, but just in case, the tools are there if you need them. If you are not using your kit from time to time, the day will come when you stop putting it in your pocket, and that could be the day when you really need it.
Everyday Tools
1. Micro screwdriver flat head 0.8mm tip (ideal for glasses)
2. Titanium coated Pozi drive standard hex bit (hex slot on side of jackfish)
3. Titanium coated flat head standard hex bit (5mm width)
4. Kingston micro SD card reader (no sd card supplied) carry copies of documents
5. True Utility Telescopic Pen (opens to 118mm in length, 3 refills included) + cap
Survival Tools
1. Aluminium Whistle (120 Decibel)
2. Glass Vial (10 drops of liquid - for shipping we will send empty - No iodine!)
3. Windproof match (burn for 5 seconds in the harshest of wind, includes striker)
4. Firesteel 4.5mm wide (light a fire when everything else is wet)
5. Spyderco Bug Knife (amazing quality and very sharp - 3Cr13MoV stainless steel)
6. Liquid filled button compass (15mm diameter)
  • Titanium weight empty:   100g
  • Titanium weight full:   145g
  • Titanium finish: Tumbled and bead blasted
  • Titanium Material: Titanium Grade 5 
  • Aluminium weight empty:   61g
  • Aluminium weight full:   106g
  • Aluminium finish:    Tumbled and hard anodised (scratch resistant)
  • Aluminium Material:    6082 T6

Windproof match will burn for 5 seconds (3 spares in the tin)